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terms of service

Terms of Service

FosterSCMods Products assumes no legal responsibilities and/or liabilities, whether to your vehicle, engine/motor, person(s), and/or property(s), that result from the use of, or servicing of a motor vehicle of which this product has been installed, or to any other vehicle(s), person(s), regardless of whether this product has any involvement directly or indirectly and/or liability, and/or whether or not this product has been properly installed. The installer(s), user(s), and/or person(s) attempting to install and/or liabilities whether to person(s), property(s), yourself and/ or others. This legal disclaimer is acknowledged by person(s), user(s), driver whom installs, drive and/or use this product. Whether or not this product is purchased, given and/or any other means of obtaining this product.

Installation of this product will act as an acknowledgement of the legal and product disclaimer stated herein.