MUSTANG GT 2015-2017 Foster SC Mods Whipple Stage One Closed Airbox Sound Tube Kit 25% Whine increase



Increases the in cabin rotor sound by up to 25%

Foster Kit couples with part of the stock sound tube – makes installation easy

Avoids drilling through the firewall

Pedal spacers provided – lifts pedal and improves heal to toe control






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Designed to use a portion of the stock sound tube which connects to the firewall, this avoids drilling through the firewall itself.

The OEM sound tube couples with the Foster SC custom tube near the firewall near the entry of the OEM sound tube into the cabin is behind the gas pedal.

3 black nylon 3/8″ pedal spacers are provided to lift the pedal away from the entry point, for increase sound travel.

Throttle pedal spacers also provide a much-needed lift to the OE’s low pedal placement, for better heal to toe method control. Due to the small inner diameter of the OEM portion of the sound tube, and sharp radius bends, acoustics transfer is limited to a moderate to heavy increase in supercharger whine. Increase is approximately 25% over stock setup and is greatly improved over the OEM acoustics.


Smooth interior walled high heat resistant tubing

End expansions to air box induction and firewall

High heat resistant braided cut sleeve covers

Hose ends finished with marine grade thick walled adhesive heat shrink


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