Universal Kit

Universal kits

WITH FOSTER sound tube technology


  • Smooth interior walled high heat resistant tubing
  • Rubber grommets for a tight seal and clean install
  • High heat resistant braided cut sleeve covers
  • Hose ends finished with marine grade thick walled adhesive heat shrink
  • All kits complete with Bi-metal drilling bits

For customers who want to develop and fit the Foster SC Supercharger sound tube according to their own needs. Foster SC mods will assist with install and developing the parts needed to complete an install on various makes and models of vehicle and superchargers not currently developed.

Parts Included

1. 1/38” step drill bit
2. Sound tube (final length to be cut by customer)
3. Heat shrink to finish final cut end.
4. Small grommet for inlet pipe end
5. Large grommet for firewall end
6. 90 hose barb for inlet (customers choice)
7. Straight hose barb for inlet (customer choice)
8. Straight hose barb coupler
9. 90 hose barb coupler
10. 2 Zip ties
11. Razor blade.
12. 8” extension sound tube

Please contact us if you have any questions on our Sound Modification Kits

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