New 2011 2019 Charger, Challenger, Hellcat Demon Stage 2 manual HCC001 HCC002

2011-2019 Charger Challenger Hellcat Demon with aftermarket Inlet and stock Airbox Foster SC
Stage 2 Sound Tube Kit Installation

SKU (HCC001 inlet pipe) (HCC002 airbox)

This kit offers highest level of rotor sound (whine) within
the cabin due to the direct path from the inlet to the

This Kit Doesn’t require drilling the firewall. Contents:

1. 1 x 1 3/8” Step drill bit

2. 1 x Blade

3. Sound Tube

4. 1 x rubber grommet

5. 1 x 90 degree hose barb or straight

6. 1 x Diaphragm cap

7. 1 x zip tie

Locate the large rubber grommet with hardline running through the middle of it, this will be where the sound tube with unfinished end will go through. The grommet is located on the driver’s side above the steering column.

Pull the rubber grommet or plug straight back (there are 2 different types) Now you can leave the small cable there which allows room to install the sound tube. Small part of the cable and sound tube can fit into the hole together with the cable being
on the side.

Use the supplied razor blade to cut the black insulation to expose the hole for preparation for the sound tube to come through.

Using the beveled end of the sound tube (with 1 ¼” of tube exposed), grease the end liberally and the hole in the firewall. With a twisting motion push the beveled end through the hole, and seat it the up to the heat shrink. The cable will conform with he sound tube to the otter edge of the hole.

Grease the inside of the sound tube coming through the firewall, then push the diaphragm caps barbed end in until seated. Be careful not to push on the clear film membrane of the cap. Attention: Remove the blue or green tape used to protect the cap during shipping, again be careful not to disrupt the clear membrane.

Since there are different intakes on these model years connection point may differ. Feel free to reach out to Shawn at 207 231-4112 for questions. With provided step drill bit, drill out the inlet pipe or airbox to 32mm or 1 ¼” at the red mark location in the picture below (for Inlet pipe connections the bottom 180 degrees from the red reference mark may be drilled and used to connect if space permits) this is the second to the last step on the drill bit. Cleanup the inside of the drilled hole so it’s uniform and smooth and install the small rubber grommet. Use light grease and install the 90 degree 1” hose barb fitting (the short end), this is a tight fit. Attach the sound tube to the hose barb end of the 90-degree fitting in inlet pipe or airbox using grease.

For all application with aftermarket intakes and open filters connections to the inlet tube is required. See pics below for specific intake locations. If room permits the pipe can be drilled on the bottom of the intake instead of the top. Drill to 1 ¼” second to last step on the bit. Clean up and install small grommet and short end of the 90 fitting. Use grease to insert fitting in grommet.

We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy the increased rotor whine!

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