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STAGE 1 KITSTAGE 2 KITSTAGE 3 KITSTAGE 4 KITDRIVER FUN INCREASE "The enhancement of the natural rotor whine after the sound tube install was dramatic. Anyone looking for an increase in supercharger whine and who loves to hear the Whipple Supercharger scream, should buy this invention."

As sound proofing technology has improved,

muscle cars isolate the driver from the rotor

whine that muscle car drivers absolutely


Foster SC Mods Sound Tube Kits, have been

developed to increase rotor sound in the

cabin by up to 100% and give drivers the thrill

they really want.

After extensive product testing, our customers

are thrilled by the new rotor whine their

cars make after fitting a Foster Sound Tube Kit,

read their testimonials below.

At Beechmont Ford Performance, we build custom Mustangs and ship them all over the United States. To say that I’m a car guy would be an understatement. The one thing I’ve missed from the Terminator and Lightning days is the supercharger whine. I thought it was a thing of the past until I stumbled on to Shawn’s sc mod. Just installed it on my personal GT500. Wow, what an amazing upgrade. You won’t find more fun for any where near this price. I’m going to start offering them as an option on our custom builds. Outstanding...wow. Don't just take it from us, see why our buyers LOVE our sound kits. JASON LEACH (right) is also a customer of the month. If you would like to be considered for a feature, please contact us. "Just a big shout out to Shawn for his sound tube kit. He opened up the pathway of whine from my Whipple that I couldn't hear and now when it screams I can hear that sweet sound. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to enjoy their supercharger sound" Dave's vehicle is a stick shift and set up mostly for road racing. "I just want to say how thoroughly impressed I am with the creation and execution of this sound tube mod. I can hear the supercharger whine now from 2,000 RPM all the way to redline and I couldn’t be happier!" See the full testimonial
"By far, the best addition to my Whipple Supercharger since it was installed. Brings the fun factor to another level. Every time I hit the throttle, my car sings. It's really hard not to smile. Driving is a visceral deal. You feel it with the Whipple and can hear it with Foster's sound tube mod. If you're looking for that whine, this is the kit. Easy to install and a must have to complete your supercharged experience."
SEE FAQ'S OR CONTACT US We currently have kits for the Ford Mustang, & Chevy Camaro with many other kits under development. If you have another vehicle, contact us and let us know, we may be able to carry out a FREE INSTALL on your car for development purposes. Yes. Anyone who is used to doing basic car modifications, should find the kits easy to install. The kits can be installed by following our comprehensive guides which are available on our website. We recommend using a tablet or smartphone during installation for easy reference. See Whipple Superchargers comments on installation, taken from a customer installation. We have provided the required drill saw and recommend you have access to basic hand tools. We have tested our kits extensively for over a year and the increase varies from 25 to 100% increase. See our product tables above for full details. Yes! We stand by our product and guarantee increased in cabin whine and enjoyment of your car! If you have any issues whatsoever, contact us via our website or call us and we will resolve your issue. Yes, we currently ship to Canada, Mexico, U.K and Australia and other some other locations . If your country is not shown upon checking out, please contact us and we will arrange for your product to be shipped. The Stage 3 Kit comprises both Stage 1 & 2 Kit and gives the greatest increase in in cabin rotor noise, up to 75%. Please note that the Stage 2 Kit should be installed FIRST to allow access for the Stage 1 Kit installation. If we didn't answer all of your questions, contact us
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