2016-2020 ZL1 Camaro Stage 2 Sound Tube Installation Guide SKU 312 332 333 336

2016 - 2020 ZL1 Camaro

Inlet pipe stage 2 Sound Tube Installation Guide SKU 332, 333, 336

This kit offers higher levels of rotor sound (whine) within the cabin due to the direct path from inlet to the firewall. This Kit requires the airbox to be drilled for connection from the airbox to the stock OEM sound tube hole in the firewall. Contents:
  1. 2 x 1” 90 degree hose barb
  2. 1 x Blade
  3. Sound Tube
  4. 1 x rubber grommets
  5. 1 x Large rubber washer
  6. 1 x diaphragm cap

The 2016-2018 Camaro came with a OEM sound tube system, on the ZL1 model the sound tube was deleted and a plug was used in the firewall hole the sound tube connected to. Remove this plug by unscrewing the small nut off the stud and pulling the plug cap off. This exposed the hole that will be used for the Foster SC sound tube kit.

Remove the inlet pipe with the MAF housing on open filter type intakes or remove box lid on closed system and drill a 1 ¼” (second to the last step on the bit) hole in the inlet pipe at the marked location. The hole is always drilled on the bottom of the inlet, the picture with the RED circle is a reference mark only, do not drill on the top of the inlet. Clean the edges of the hole with a razor knife and sand lightly. Install the rubber grommet and grease on the inside and on the 90 degree fitting and push into the grommet. This is very tight fit. This kit is designed to work on all inlet pipes and aftermarket CAI systems.

With some aftermarket intake setups there may not be enough room on the bottom to connect the sound tube. The alternate location may used on the side using the straight hose barb which will be pushed through from the inside.

Picture above is how the straight hose barb is inserted from the inside if using the side of intake or MAF housing.

With black RTV silicone make a nice continues bead around the hole like on the picture below (red circle is a reference mark for the RTV) keep in mind the size of the large rubber washer when doing so. With the rubber washer on the short end of the 90 fitting Insert the 90 fitting with washer into the hole keeping the barbed end pointing towards the driver side. From the inside of the car under the dash about a foot above the gas pedal you will see the fitting coming through the firewall now push the diaphragm cap on until its seated. You may need to have an extra set of hands to hold the fitting on the other side or wedge something to hold it in place while installing the diaphragm cap from the inside.

The diaphragm cap will ensure not to disrupt the MAF air signal by sealing the sound tube system. No recalibration is needed, however failure to install the cap or an air leak will cause a lean condition. After the silicone is dry, use light grease or WD40 inside the end of sound tube and while holding the fitting push the sound tube end over the ribs completely seating the hose on the fitting. Use the extra zip tie to secure the sound tube as needed.
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