2014-2017 Whipple GMC SILVERADO/SERRIA/CADILLAC TRUCKS Stage 1 Airbox & Stage 2 Inlet Path Sound Tube Installation Guide SKU 595 596 598


Whipple GMC SILVERADO / SERRIA / CADILLAC TRUCKS Stage 2 Airbox & Stage 4

Inlet Path Sound Tube Installation Guide

The kit offers higher levels of rotor sound (whine) within the cabin due to the direct connection to the inlet pipe before the air filter or airbox.

This Kit requires that the firewall is drilled.

  1. 1 x drill bit
  2. 1 zip tie
  3. 1″ 90 degree hose barb
  4. 1 x diaphragm cap
  5. 1 x Blade
  6. Sound Tube
  7. 2 x rubber grommets

Using the supplies hole saw drill in the marked area below, make sure the firewall on the other side is clear and there is nothing in the way. Drilling on LOW SPEED using Windex on the hole saw bit spraying constantly while drilling. Once though the firewall cleanup the metal edges of metal shaving and insert the grommet packed with grease in the groove.

With the Whipple airbox lid removed, drill a 1 3/8” or 35mm hole with the supplied step drill bit in the top part of the airbox that faces the firewall as seen in the pictures below. This step drill should pass all the way through. Sound tube installed through the airbox Here is the sound tube installed in the upper airbox lid through the smaller rubber grommet. You can see it has a stick out of .5 to 1” inside the box. Here is the sound tube installed in the upper airbox lid through the smaller rubber grommet. You can see it has a stick out of .5 to 1” inside the box.

Install the sound tube through the firewall hole with grommet, it should be possible to fit your entire arm into the space and your hand all the way to the firewall. Use supplied grease inside the grommet and on the tube end will aid in pushing the sound tube hose end through the grommet in the firewall. Watch video below.

With the Hole drilled and grommet installed in the airbox hole as in Step 2 push the smaller end of the sound tube into the airbox grommet. Use the supplied grease will help it slide in. Stick out inside the box can vary from .5 to 2” as needed.

With inlet pipe disconnected with supplied drill bit drill a hole at the bottom of the inlet pipe with the provided drill bit. Clean the edges with a razor or sand paper then install the grommet into the hole, making sure it’s completely seated.

Before the inlet pipe is installed to the airbox or air filter push the sound tubes smaller end over the hose barb using supplied grease to help aid in fully seating the sound tube. .

The rubber diaphragm must be used to seal off the sound tube from the inlet path. This ensures the MAF air meter and calibration is not changed. With supplied grease push the cap on the end of the sound tube coming through the firewall while a helper holds the sound tube in place on the engine side. The sound tube and cap should be completely compressed together when done.

Warning: failure to install the diaphragm cap properly could result in unmetered air and a lean condition

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