2010-2020 F-150 Whipple/Roush/E-Force Stage 4 Inlet Path Sound Tube Installation Guide SKU 175 180 185 190 195


F-150 Whipple/Roush/E-Force Stage 4

Inlet Path Sound Tube Installation Guide SKU 175 / 180 / 185 / 190 / 195

This kit offers higher levels of rotor sound (whine) within the cabin due to the direct path from the inlet through the firewall and the larger ID. .

This Kit requires that the firewall is drilled. Contents:

  1. 1 x Drill bit
  2. 1′′ 90 hose barb
  3. 1 x diaphragm cap
  4. 1 x Blade
  5. Sound Tube
  6. 2 x rubber Grommets 1 Large 1 Med
  7. 1 x Zip tie
Cut a round hole in the insulation appox. 2.5-3” in the marked location with supplied razor to prepare for drilling. Cut carpet should be in the red circle outlined for best fitment.

Use a center punch to mark the drilling point for the hole. Drill in the middle of the marked location that carpet was removed. After using the center punch to mark the drill entry point, drill using the supplied step drill bit at LOW SPEED and using Windex for lubrication to avoid (overheating) and damage to the drill bit.

Make sure the drill is flush with the firewall sheet metal as not to catch and edge and damage drill bit. Watch video

Note for best fitment hole should be drilled in the red circle location


With provided drill bit, drill out the inlet pipe at the red mark location in the picture below except on the bottom, 180 degrees from the red reference mark. Cleanup the inside of the drilled hole so it’s uniform and smooth and install the rubber grommet with narrow groove.

Use the provided grease and install the 90 degree 1” hose barb fittings short end into the grommet (this is a tight fit). Attach the sound tube to the hose barb end of the 90-degree fitting in inlet pipe. The other end of the sound tube is inserted into the firewall grommet.

Install the supplied large rubber grommet working into the hole drilled in the firewall. Use supplied grease on the bare metal edges for protection. Add some grease to the grooves of the grommet to prevent corrosion. Use the wide grooved grommet in the firewall.

Install the sound tube through the firewall hole with grommet first, it should be possible to fit your entire arm into the space and your hand all the way to the firewall. A supplied grease inside the grommet and on the tube end will aid in pushing the sound tube hose barbed end through the grommet in the firewall.


Sound tube installed in 90 hose barb

The rubber diaphragm must be used to seal off the sound tube from the inlet path. This ensures the MAF and calibration is not changed. Use supplied grease on the hose end and push the cap on the end of the sound tube fully seating the cap. You will need helper to hold the engine side of the sound tube to ensure it's compressed together.

Warning: failure to install the diaphragm cap properly could result in unmetered air and poor running condition.

We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy the increased rotor whine!

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