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2015 GT - 2.9 L Whipple SC - Michael Riccardi Jr
See Dustin Whipple's Testimonial

Dustin Whipple, CEO Whipple Superchargers

I’ve known Shawn for the past year since he has been working on developing a sound tube generator for the Whipple kits on the 2015 and newer Mustangs.

Shawn has persistently worked and finding a way to increase the natural induction pulses from the Whipple Superchargers rotor pulses and transfer this sound known as “Supercharger whine” into the cabin of the vehicle.

Shawn recently made a trip to California this April with his sound generator invention in hand and installed it on our whipple shop car. The enhancement of the natural rotor whine after the sound tube installation was dramatic.

Anyone looking for an increase in supercharger whine and who loves to hear the Whipple Supercharger scream would love this invention.

Dustin Whipple

David Barrow

Just a big shout out to Shawn for his sound tube kit. He opened up the pathway of whine from my Whipple that I couldn’t hear and now when it screams I can hear that sweet sound. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to enjoy their supercharger sound2016 GT / Whipple


David Barrow

Michael Riccardi Jnr.

I drive a 2015 Mustang GT with a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger.

I have loved this blower since I put it on, but since installing Shawn’s sound tube mod, it has taken my driving experience to another level.

The level it raises the supercharger whine to it unreal.

The driving experience is what I thought it would be when I initially installed the system.

The sound tube has exceeded my expectations and all I get now are smiles per gallon.

Thank you Shawn for this awesome piece you’ve put together and the hard work it took from you to get there.

(Left) Will Rollins –  Whipple Superchargers carried out the fitting of Mike’s Sound Kit commented ;

“Install was a breeze, took me less than 30 mins. Everything fit great and sounds even better. Wonderful Job on this kit!!”



Michael Riccardi Jnr

Customer Video - Sebastian Franco

Sebastian drives a 2016 GT with Stage 2 Foster Kit fitted

See the dramatic results in Sebastian’s video.