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Customer Videos

We  believe that every muscle car should sound like a REAL MUSCLE car inside AND out

The customers below share our vision

Dustin Whipple - Whipple Superchargers

Foster SC Mods visited Dustin and the great guys at Whipple SC in California to fit a Stage 2 Kit to one of the fleet cars.

As Dustin says himself the results were dramatic.

Mychal Sturdivant 2015 Roush

Mychal recently fitted one of the Foster Kits to his 2015 Roush and loved the increase in the in cabin whine.

Our recent customer was also impressed by the top notch customer service when he needed some assistance on fitting and the next day shipping.

Watch his testimonial to see the effects of the Roush kit.

Jason Leach 2015 GT Stage 2 Kit

Jason had a Stage 2 Sound Kit fitted recently on his 2016 GT/ Whipple and is also our featured owner.

The kit increased the in cabin whine by around 50% and his driving enjoyment by 100%!

See Jason’s testimonial and more information on his car.

Sebastian Franco

Sebastian had a Stage 2 Sound Kit fitted to his 5.0 GT recently and as you can see is clearly thrilled with the results!

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