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Over 20 Years In Muscle Car Mods

Design, Testing & Fabrication

Widely Respected in Modding Circles

Over 20 Years Forum Contributions & Advice

Products Endorsed By Whipple Superchargers

See  CEO Dustin Whipple’s Comments


This image is from my own ’92 Mustang LX

couple where I had developed a air

to air intercooler system with a Kenne Bell


My Personal Guarantee To You

The products that I offer are backed by my long experience, in carrying out modifications to muscle cars and especially twin screw superchargers for more than 20 years.

I have been a long standing contributor to several muscle car forums and have offered advice to thousands of muscle car modders on how to obtain the best results for their projects.

You can see one of my many threads here and some of the extensive contributions.

This ’92 LX project was all custom fabrication.

The complete design and fabrication work in

addition to all welding was carried out


Endorsed by Whipple Superchargers. Calif.

I’m Shawn Foster, founder of Foster SC Mods ( 2nd left) and have
known Dustin Whipple and the great guys at Whipple SC in California
for over a year. Their help has been invaluable in the development of
The Foster Sound Kits.

In April 2017, we fitted a Stage 2 Kit to a Whipple car and the results
were, as expected a dramatic increase in in cabin rotor sound.

See Dustin Whipple’s comments here and those from William Rollins
also from Whipple, who fitted one of our customer’s cars with a

Whipple Stage 2 Kit and loved the ease of installation.

Thanks for visiting the Foster SC Mods site.

Shawn Foster, Founder SC Mods

Customer Testimonials

Since the introduction of the Sound Tube Kits, the customer response has been excellent.

See what our customers are saying.