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Cold Air Intakes (CAI) Design Vs FosterSCMods Whine enhancement products

Many have used Cold air induction systems called CAI’s to increase and change induction sound as well as supercharger Whine from a twin screw system. Most cold air kits in general do mediocre job of increasing Whine, but until now with FosterSCmods Whine mod it was one of the only options aside from spinning the supercharger to the moon.


A CAI intake system increases airflow of course, but also creates a more open system and with the filter exposed and larger more direct inlet path will transfer more engine or twin-screw supercharger rotor sound. Some CAI systems are constructed to increase in size towards the air filter called a flare design and some have a large Bell mouth that helps to shape the air in a more uniform flow pattern creating increase in laminar flow which helps in air movement increasing flow.


This flare design with large Bell mouth and large filter also transfer more engine and rotor pulse acoustics allowing it to increase as it travels out of the large intake, somewhat of how a bugle or megaphone bullhorn works.

FosterSCMods is currently developing an intake specifically designed to increase rotor pulses (whine) for twin screw and roots superchargers to increase the exterior whine in addition to our current product that increases interior whine affect using sound tube technology.


Of course, with any CAI system which changes the induction path airflow shape and volume require recalibration to compensate in the PCM unless the system uses speed density or volumetric efficiency (VE) calculations to measure air flow vs load. FosterSCMods current Whine mod using supercharger sound tube technology doesn’t require a retune of the PCM or cause any ill effects on airflow horsepower or drivability.

The Whine Mod creates a sound chamber path to the interior of the vehicle through the firewall and uses a diaphragm cap with a very thin tight membrane to transfer the sound waves (whine) while reaming air tight.


FosterSCMods innovating and working towards bringing customers quality products and supercharger sounds we all dreamed of.

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